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Here we did just a little work on the front and the rear fender, we changed the handlebar and did the paint-job following the owners request.


The basis for this bike is Honda Bol d'Or 750, from 1980.
We kept little from her original parts (part of chassis and the engine. The front wheel comes from Yamaha FZR, and the rear one from Suzuki GSXR. The other parts are hand made. The tank, the front and the rear fender, lateral coverings and the seat are from fiberglass. The seat is of course upholstered with leather on which we stiched some flames. The forks are made of solid steel and then chromed. The inclination can vary by simply loosening two screws under the lower triple tree and pulling the wheel forward and then tightening the screws again. It is strong becouse the sliding surfaces are indented (5x5mm). The exhaust system is made of steel and then chromed, and the mufflers are made of inox. There are interesting details like the carrier of rear break caliper shaped like the flames, also made of steel and then chromed.
The whole design of the motorcycle is completed with the name and the painting of ghosts in the smoke, but to get the real impression we must turn out the lights... It glows in the dark! How? The whole paint-job has phosphorus sprayed over it and so breathes life into our ghosts!


"Guzzi is an italian legend, and though a little bit square-cut and rigid it is still a great bike." That's what we would say if someone asked us about the Guzzi from 70's or 80's, but then we look at this! Speaking about the possibilities of fiberglass!
The fenders and the tank are made of fiberglass that was not done by Cycke Clinic (somebody outran us :), but the owner came to us to create the saddlebags and a two colour paint job, with the white stripe dividing them. Saddlebags are made of... fiberglass of course! The mounting parts, hinges and other metal parts are made of inox. The interior of the saddlebag is upholstered.


It isn't important how old/young are you, or which bike do you have to work with, it is important to be original in a positive sense!
This is a CTX TOMOS made in carbon and fiberglass. The exhaust pipe is under the seat and it is elevated to look like a real cross bike! Did we achieve the wanted effect judge for yourself!


It took three and a half years to make this bike. It was constructed by my friend and the owner of this bike, Rikardo Buršic, and me. Unfortunately he is no longer among us, and that is the reason why this bike will probably never be completely finished and ride our roads.

The bike we chose to work on was Honda CB 750 four, from '76. That bike was just the basis, practically everything was hand made - from chassis to the lights! The forks are made from inox, softail chassis from inox and steel. Though on the first look you might say there are no shock-absorbers, they are hidden beneath the seat and the chassis. The tank is naturally made of fiberglass, and through it are conducted electrical instalations. This time painting is not only on the tank, but also on the chassis and fenders.
Enjoy the view on the Black Widow!


(some time ago - my bike, today with a happy new owner in Delnice)
To remodell a GSX isn't easy if you want it to look like this, but, believe it or not, all of it is hand-work:
- the tank, the seat and the cover of ignition are made from fiberglass
- the steering-bar, risers of the steering-bar, sissy-bar, carriers of the sissy-bar and exhaust-pipes from inox
- forks triangles and carriers of the brakes from steel
The frame retained its original form only in the part with serial numbers. It was centered on the table so that this interesting bike would mantain it's driving purpose. All of that wouldn't be possible without my friends - Loran Stojšić (Gery) and Rikardo Buršić who made the parts of metal according to my designs.

This bike is a russian bike; in original form it looks like a Jawa or a ČZ (an old one). Hmmmm... not bad, but - you have to admit that this is sooo much better, and if you would see it on the road it would make your head turn!
Everything on this bike (except the engine) is hand-work!
All work in metal was done by Rikardo Buršić


How can one personalize his bike without spending too much?!
- the fender and the seat are made from fiberglass (and of course black leather for the seat)
- risers of the steering bar and the steering bar from inox
- the unavoidable airbrush on the tank
and the bike has become something beautifully different!