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  Che Guevara, an eternal motive Tasmanian devil!
  Tiger on the Fiat Tipo. A lot of effort, hope it was worth it;-) Cheerful sea creatures!
  The wolf on the front and the back hood of my Fiat Sport 128, 1972 Beetles always need a good mechanic ;-)
  The alarm doesn't have to be the only thing that protects your car! Hot summer look
  A romantic guitar? Why not?!
Airbrush can really be done on everything!
Another example - airbrush on a leather jacket!
  The King-Wizzard from Gullivers journeys on my girlfriend's beetle and a little-beetle in the inside of the car Scorpion inside - scorpion on the outside!
  Wondering on which car did I paint this? On this one! Once again, the same principle as on the picture before!!

A dangerous trio: scateboard, beetle and snowboard