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BIKER DAYS 2000 - Pula

  Though I take part in this traditional manifestation every year, this edition of Biker Days is very dear to me because that year I took the opportunity to organize a little Airbrush Competition. There were four contestants: Kezo from Croatia, Jure from Slovenia and Titti and Gabriele from Italy. Each of the contestants received a black helmet to do with it what he/she wanted. They all did wonderfully and the viewers didn't have an easy task deciding on the winner! Finally - it was Kezo!
We all had a really enjoyable experience and I'd like to share some of that with you - so I'm inviting you to take a look at the photos!
1. This is me doing "faces" at the camera, and Kezo, working very seriously and professionlaly!
2. Jure during the contest, with his very beautiful Clint Eastwood airbrush in the background.
3. How did it look like from the step behind - the entrance in the tent.
4. And - the end of the competition - the helmets were presented and so even you can see what our artists did.