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(and other two-cycled vehicles :)

  Romantic fantasy motive... Tiger after some swimming
  To be a rocker doesn't mean only to act like one, but also if you are a biker to have a bike that shows it! Medieval look is obtained by "armouring" the bike with metal and rivets, and in order not to leave place for a misunderstanding we named it Hard rock machine! Black Widow on Honda CB 750 four, from '76
More about this bike...
  This is what I did on (until recently!) my bike, The Adrenalin Junky
More about this bike...
This Kawasaki GPZ 900 was really airbrushed from top to bottom!
  Bikers like pretty girls arround them, you knew that!
More about this bike...
  Supernova - new worlds, new planets arise in front of us... The Wind plays the flute on the stary night...
  Once more The Coyote didn't catch his prey... Another "Roadrunner"
  Ankh and (once more) the space theme